Are Inclusions Extra In Starbucks ?

Starbucks is famous for fresh-roasted coffee beans, and its headquarters is in Seattle. Mainly, it provides coffee, refreshers, iced drinks, hot chocolates, and teas. Its taste and quality are famous worldwide, and millions of people are ready to buy drinks at higher prices. Inclusions are present in the Starbucks refreshers, and most people question are inclusions extra in Starbucks. I should tell them, “yes,” the inclusions are extra in Starbucks. 


Which Type Of Inclusions Are Found In The Refreshers?

The inclusions are used to replace the sugars present in fruits. Natural sugar is present in fruits; however, inclusions appeal more to customers. The taste of Starbucks refreshers is really good and will improve your health. Refreshers are commonly used in summer, and there is no coffee taste in the refreshers. Other Starbucks drinks as coffee or tea, do not include inclusions. Starbucks’ inclusions are different frozen fruits. There are four primary inclusions present in the Starbucks refreshers; 

  • Dragon Berries 
  • Blackberries 
  • Dried Strawberries 
  • Limes 


These dried pieces are sprinkled on top of the refreshers or iced drinks. You can also ask for more or fewer inclusions, and the waiter will understand everything. Some people don’t like inclusions in their drinks, so you can also forbid them. For most pink drinks at Starbucks, the inclusions are frozen strawberries. 


Blackberries and other fruits give you more calories, and the number of calories varies according to different fruits. Some inclusions that are used in making cold beverages are; 

  • Dragon Drink 
  • Very berry hibiscus 
  • Strawberry acai lemonade 
  • Mango Dragon Fruit 
  • Freeze-dried strawberries 
  • Dragon Fruits are also added to cold drinks that increase the taste and flavour. 


Are Inclusions Free At Starbucks? 

Generally, Starbucks receives no amount for inclusions and other topping materials. However, there are many extra charges for drinks. So, you will decide on inclusions extra in Starbucks. 

The prices are highly comparable to other coffee companies. You can also take different cup sizes at Starbucks and decide which is affordable. 

Starbucks does not offer inclusions when these are out of stock. However, this happens at some stores. Sometimes, people complain about Starbucks’ services, leading to the end of the baristas’ jobs. Most people prefer iced drinks with dried fruits and whipped cream topping. The inclusions vary concerning the size of cups (grande or venti). Moreover, Starbucks’ official site answers different questions, such as “are inclusions extra in Starbucks.”

Inclusions can improve the taste and make the drink nourishing. Moreover, fruits are energy boosters and provide hydration, detoxification, and skin benefits. In contrast to inclusions, infusions are also used by Starbucks. Infusions are botanical and tea-type liquids used in flavouring teas. The taste differs when you add infusions or inclusions to the iced drinks. You cannot add inclusions in coffee as Starbucks does not suggest it. 

Last Overview 

Starbucks’ coffee chain is expanding its services worldwide. It also changes the Starbucks menu and updates the dishes. Starbucks coffees are famous worldwide, and people love inclusions in their favourite drinks. Moreover, the company offers sweet beverages and coffee. They contain low amounts of caffeine which is not addictive. So, you will not need to worry about are inclusion extra in Starbucks. 


Important FAQs 

Do Starbucks inclusions have caffeine? 

Nope! The Starbucks refreshers are made from inclusions, and they contain a small amount of caffeine in them. It is only possible to make a refresher with caffeine. 

Can Starbucks give free drinks to its employees? 

Store partners at Starbucks company will get free drinks during their working hours. Some food items and cakes are also free for workers. 

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