Are Starbucks Tea Bags Compostable ?

Many tea brands and companies use tea bags to deliver tea in cups. Usually, tea bags are made of nylon-a plastic. When you dip the tea bag into hot water, the microplastics may also be injected into your cup, leading to serious diseases. Starbucks is a famous company that uses Teavana tea bags. If you are also a Starbucks hot tea lover, you should wonder what type of tea bags are used by Starbucks and are Starbucks tea bags compostable. The answer is that some tea bags need to be fully compostable. 


After 2019, many tea companies are using plant-based plastics, which are biodegradable and compostable. So, what is the exact meaning of compostable? A product or anything that can be decomposed into natural elements. After compositing, any product will not cause harm to the environment. We often use tea bags for our tea, but all are not compostable. These tea bags may contain microplastics and other harmful substances that cannot be compostable. 


Is Starbucks Tea Bags Made Of Plastic? 

No, Starbucks tea bags do not include any plastic. These bags are 100% compostable, 100% natural, and plastic free. You will not need to worry about whether Starbucks tea bags are compostable or not. These tea bags are compostable and used as fertilizers or for other purposes. Starbucks is not famous for quality food and products, but the packing material is also good and guaranteed. 


However, other tea companies use plastic-based packing material. These materials can lead to cancer and other pandemic diseases. Whether you are on an airplane or attending a business meeting, tea bags are most commonly used for tea. Most people prefer tea or chai compared to other drinks. 


What Type Of Tea Bags does Starbucks use?

Starbucks always uses Teavana tea bags for all teas and brews in green, latte, herbal, and black. For bottled or frappuccino beverages, it also uses Teavana bags. For hot brews such as Honey citrus mint tea, Earl Grey, Mint Majesty, Royal English Breakfast, and Organic Chai, 1-2 tea bags of Teavana company are used. 


Can Teabags Be Composted?

The components of tea bags may vary as these are made of plant fibers, hemp, muslin, cotton, silk, and paper. Plastic tea bags are not composted as they contain microplastic materials and harmful elements. The famous tea bags brands are;

  • Tazo And Teavana 
  • Luzianne 
  • Bigelow Company 
  • Argo Tea 
  • Mighty Leaf Tea 
  • Salada 
  • Tapal Tea
  • Limtex
  • Dilmah 
  • Celestial Seasonings 
  • Yogi Tea 
  • Stash Tea 


Which Type Of Teabags Cannot Be Composted? 

If tea bags are made of PET plastics and other microplastics, they cannot be composted. Even if they are made of natural materials, they contain plastics in small amounts. 


However, the tea leaves can be used as fertilizers and composted when needed. It would help if you chose Starbucks as it is not only a brand, it is famous worldwide due to its excellent products. 


Plastic-free Brands Available At The Internet 

  • Nemi Tea 
  • Eteaket 
  • Pukka 
  • Tea Pigs 
  • We Are Tea 
  • Hampstead Tea 
  • Roxbury 
  • Teatulia 
  • T2 


Last Words 

At last, I suggest using only certified tea bags, and Starbucks is my final choice. Are Starbucks tea bags compostable? Yes, surely. I have enjoyed Starbucks teas and coffees and have been buying its products for over three years. Readout of other companies that deliver plastic-free tea bags. Still, if you have confusion, you can consult at Starbucks store and suggest anything. The company will try to resolve your issues. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I buy Starbucks Teabags at the shop?

No, these bags are not available in other stores. You can buy only from Starbucks shops. 


How can we check the tea bag contains plastic? 

Plastic-containing tea bags are not compostable or biodegradable. So, you cannot recycle them or use them as fertilizer. 

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